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Taoistic Solar (Shuanggou) Project Construction Status
 Dec 26, 2022|View:838


County Party Secretary Su Wei made a special trip to Shuanggou Town to visit the construction status of the Xuzhou Taoistic Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd’s project. Deputy County Magistrate Wu Yingpeng participated in the visit.


Walking into the production facility of Xuzhou Taoistic Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd (Shuanggou), Su Wei visited the factory's brand-new production line with great interest, and asked in detail about the project's production capacity, personnel recruitment, and the implementation of "at most one person" assistant agency.


Liu Liang, the chairman of Taoistic Group, was born in Suining. Seeing the excellent business environment and good industrial foundation in his hometown, he decided to return to his hometown to invest and start a business. Negotiations on the project began at the end of September, 2022. In less than three months, the 5GW photovoltaic module production line project with an investment of 600 million yuan has been successfully put into operation.


In order to further match the development strategy of the whole industry chain, the Taoistci Group plans to continue to invest 10.6 billion RMB to build a high-efficiency heterojunction cell production base and pv module factory in Suining. After the completion of the project, the annual revenue will reach 20 billion RMB and can provide 2,000 jobs.

-Company:Xuzhou Taoistic Green Energy Technology Co.,LTD

-Address:No.E7 Intelligent Manufacture Industrial Park,ShuanggouTown,SuiningCounty,Xuzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China

-PV Module Production Capacity per Year:5GW