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Taoistic Solar Launches Its PV Cell and Module Production Projects in Indonesia
 Mar 05, 2023|View:1155

Mr. Liu Liang, Chairman of Taoistic Group, officially announces Taoistic’s photovoltaic cell and module production projects in Indonesia.


Due to previous "double-reverse" restrictions, namely anti-dumping and countervailing duties, photovoltaic producers have been strongly effected.


Mr. Liu Liang says that Indonesia has signed trade and trade agreements with most regions such as South Korea, Japan, the European Union, China, and Eurasian economies. From a tariff perspective, Indonesia has formed a relatively large and mature free trade system. Under the additional tariffs imposed by the United States, India and other countries, Indonesia, as the place exempted from photovoltaic tariffs, has low production costs such as labor and electricity prices, and can import and export photovoltaic products in the global photovoltaic market. The advantages are obvious. In addition, Indonesia is leading the Southeast Asian photovoltaic market, and its cumulative installed photovoltaic capacity ranks one of the first in the region.

Taoistic Solar plans to complete the construction of production bases and the installation of production lines in Indonesia, within the middle of 2024, with an expected production capacity of 5GW of pv cells and 5GW of pv modules.