Humanistic Care
Taoistic Solar is promoting "humane care and rational tolerance, team executive, the staff first" corporate culture.
We believe that the physical and mental health of employees is also an important part of the company's sustainable development.
    • Watch a Movie

      In order to promote the harmonious cultural environment of the company,Taoistic Solar Organizes employees to watch movies,so that employees can experience different life perceptions.

      Watch a Movie
    • Training and Learning

      At the same time, in order to improve the overall management level of the enterprise, meet the strategic needs of the enterprise, enhance the ability of employees, and create an atmosphere for all employees to learn, Taoistic Solar has set up its own team of internal trainers, is hoped that the knowledge and skills can be imparted in a targeted way through staff training

      Training and Learning
    Fun Sports Trip
    The most important is that Taoistic Solar attaches great importance to the development of employees' personal quality, as well as the training of team cooperation ability, in order to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, advocate happiness at work and health in sports, Taoistic Solar encourages all employees to actively participate in various activities, experience hard work and passion, enjoy the happiness of sweat, and show the charm and spirit of team strength.