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Taoistic&Ohisama Solar at the K.E.Y Energy Rimini 2024
 Mar 07, 2024|View:934

The Taoistic&Ohisama Solar participated with great success in the recent edition of the KEY - The Energy Transition Expo 2024, demonstrating its commitment to the energy transition and innovation of the sector.


The exhibition, which was held from 28 February to 3 March at the Rimini international exhibition centre, represented an important platform for leading companies in the field of sustainable energy, offering networking opportunities, knowledge exchange and exposure of the most recent technologies and solutions.


During the event, Taoistic&Ohisama Solar captured the attention of industry experts, government representatives and investors with the presentation of new technologies that promise to transform the solar energy landscape: photovoltaic modules with HJT technology and colored photovoltaic modules.


HJT (Heterojunction Technology) represents a significant advancement in the field of photovoltaic modules, combining crystalline silicon solar cells and a thin amorphous layer to maximize efficiency and energy production. Thanks to the ability to capture sunlight more efficiently, Taoistic&Ohisama Solar's HJT photovoltaic modules offer superior performance and greater energy yield compared to traditional technologies.

Furthermore, Taoistic&Ohisama Solar presented its “Orange” photovoltaic modules, characterized by a distinctive color that improves the aesthetic integration of photovoltaic systems in urban and architectural environments. These modules, in addition to offering a visually appealing appearance, maintain high performance and reliability, guaranteeing an effective and aesthetically pleasing photovoltaic solution.


Mr. Li Bin, Minister-counselor, Embassy of China in Italy, visits Taoistic Solar in Key Energy 2024

“Our commitment to sustainability and innovation is at the heart of everything we do,” said the CEO of Taoistic&Ohisama Solar. “Attending the KEY exhibition was an extraordinary opportunity to share our visions, learn from industry best practices, and create meaningful connections with other companies and professionals who share our mission to build a more sustainable energy future for all.”

The Taoistic&Ohisama Solar looks forward the future with optimism, continuing to invest in research and development to develop increasingly innovative solutions that can significantly contribute to the transformation of the global energy landscape. Participation in the KEY - The Energy Transition Expo 2024 fair was only the first step in a continuous path towards a greener and more prosperous world for future generations.